We understand retail’s special needs and the synergies between customer and client.  Giants in the Dirt will create a custom designed retail space for you to define and express your business ideas. Our approach incorporates the client’s ideas and our own experiential insight to deliver a uniquely identifiable result.


Giants in the Dirt offers an innovative approach ensuring versatility without compromising vision.  Familiar with the nature of urban layout, we understand that optimal use of space is paramount. Designing around the location’s requirements, such as a cabaret layout or capacity for public assembly and entertainment, Giants in the Dirt will provide an innovative design both visually appealing and functionally sound.


With projects ranging in size from the multi-story, full-service restaurant to the small neighborhood café, we have a grounded understanding of all aspects of the restaurant experience.  Our expertise spans to include kitchen layout, full interior design, furniture selection, interior layout, and health code requirements. Coordination of all the elements involved in the dining experience, both pragmatic and artistic, is key to creating a space in which fine food and socializing can flourish.


At the heart of cultural expression, galleries bring these higher inspirations to the public. Giants in the Dirt understands this marvelous function and is able to deliver clean, dramatic spaces that are a perfect counterpoint to the cultural artifacts they contain.