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Positivity is our passion

We are Giants in the Dirt, an award-winning, independent Architecture + Design firm with over 25 years of experience. We’re set in the vibrant Lower East Side neighborhood of New York City. Our home base is an inspired urban jungle, brought to life by our flying companions, Dovey, LuLu and Houdini. We are ‘mastering the art of possibility’ here to expand our perception of what’s possible through new ideas, forms and experiences. Come play with us!

We love this inspiring city and are passionate about making it more positive in every way.

The heart and soul of everything we do is rooted in stimulating the senses, seeing the best in beauty and bringing out the spirit of enjoyment. Whether it’s an abandoned building that needs revitalizing, an outdated interior in need of a fresh look or a passionate vision for an elevated presence, we are here to give life to the possibilities.  

We do this by putting people first. We care about your experience and the relationship we have working together. We carry that same positive energy into formulating the project from the ground up so that the end result is infused with the best of all of us.  

If you are interested in creating with us here in NYC or beyond, or just want to see what’s possible when we put our minds together, please get in touch. We would love to create with you.



We build from our solid foundation of values

Distinctive • Uplifting • Inclusive • Reputable • Passionate

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